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There are new bears coming to the site soon so keep looking in.


Check out items that have NEW PRICE on the description. They have all been reduced to find a home.

A Cat with Taste!

One of our friends sent us this picture of her cat. She caught him looking for a Steiff mouse on our website.

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Looking for Bears can You Help?

We buy good quality pre 1930's bears and pay good prices. At the moment we have several customers looking for early Steiff Bears larger than 16" if you can help please contact us on 01452 760186 UK or add international dialling code if outside UK.

Steiff Bears

The older pre 1920 bears seem to be in such demand now and I am sure all collectors and bear lovers would like one in their collection. They mostly have the famous boot button eyes which give them such appeal. People think that an old Steiff bear will cost a fortune to buy but if you are happy with a well love one and not too worried if someone has removed the button from his ear then they can be quite affordable.

Another option is to consider a 1950's Steiff from the Original Teddy range which at the present time are very affordable and also can be found in very good or near mint condition. They were made in various sizes and colours. Many of these turn up in the Caramel and Gold colours but the Brown or White are not so easy to find. One of the most sought after colours is the White mohair range which has the brown nose and claw stitching unlike the tradition gold bears that have black. These White bears must have been less popular probably because of the fact that anything white when given to a child doesn't stay white for long. They have wool felt paw pads and glass eyes and the smaller bears tend to have press squeakers and the larger bears 43cm plus have growlers. All these bears would have had the card chest tag and the Steiff button in their ear with a yellow label. If you are really lucky you may find an early one that would have the white Made in Germany US Zone Label in his arm or leg seam. This range has shorter limbs than the early Steiff bears and generally has a tubbier look to them. If the Bear still has his button or some form of original ID then be prepared to pay a little more for him.

Be sure when buying an old Steiff bear off any age that you you have a receipt for him so that there is no doubt that he is a Steiff bear. Just because he has a button in his ear this does not make him a Steiff as we have seen many bears that were not manufactured by Steiff with a Steiff button put into the ear by some unscrupulous person to fool the unsuspecting collector.